Webbing Clothes Moth Control

Webbing Clothes Moths are quarter inch long insects with a half inch wingspan. They are the most common type of clothes moth in the US and can become a problem if left in your home undisturbed. Female Webbing Clothes Moths will place their eggs deep inside the threads of infested fabric. Females will lay around 50 eggs that will hatch in 4 to 5 days.

Once the Webbing Clothes Moth eggs are hatched the larvae will immediately begin feeding. The larvae will grow to be about a half an inch long when fully mature. Eventually they will create a silky cocoon where they pupate. After emerging from the cocoon a Webbing Clothes Moth will typically live for about 2 weeks.

Identifying a Webbing Clothes Moth Infestation

clothes moth removal

Webbing Clothes Moth larvae like to feed on many different types of fabric. This includes clothes, wool, upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs. Fabric will be eaten away in holes if an infestation is just beginning and you’ll be able to see all the way through if there is a large infestation. Webbing Clothes Moths thrive in humid areas. Adult moths are rarely seen because they avoid light.

Clothes Moth Treatment Plans

The best way to remove Webbing Clothes Moths from any type of property is to eliminate their food source. This can mean getting rid of a lot of clothing and other types of fabric that has been infested. Clothes moths have also been know to be able to survive in pantry food items until they are able to find their preferred diet. Because of this, a complete pest inspection can be the best way to ensure clothes moths have been removed and won’t return.

The expert technicians at South Shore IPM understand cloths moth behavior and the most effective ways to remove them. Our pest inspections use our knowledge of South Shore pest habits to get the job done as effectively as possible.

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