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Commercial Pest Services

South Shore IPM provides commercial pest management services to businesses on the South Shore. We understand how important it is for businesses to stay pest-free. Our expert technicians have been trained to exterminate pests from commercial properties as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Keeping your employees, assets and facility protected from pests must be a business owner’s priority. South Shore IPM provides businesses with integrated pest management services, seasonal pest inspections and follow-ups. Our pest management solutions use proven techniques that will get rid of pests fast and keep them out.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs on any type of commercial property can be a nightmare. South Shore IPM understands how difficult it can be to remove bed bugs and uses comprehensive bed bug control techniques for the best results.

Cockroach Extermination

Implementing a cockroach control plan in large spaces like apartment buildings can be challenging. South Shore IPM has experience treating infestations quickly with minimal interruption.

Eliminate Rats

We remove rats that are a health risk to employees and guests. Rodent control should be a priority on all types of commercial properties.

Canine Rat Abatement

After completing a property inspection South Shore IPM can deploy a team of specially trained dogs to remove rats from your property. Using Ratting Dogs is a great way to immediately reduce the rat population in an eco-friendly manner

South Shore IPM Commercial Pest Inspections

  • Interview all personnel on location to identify any pest issues past or present.
  • Inspect dumpster conditions: Cover closing and sealing properly, Check for rodents chewed openings, Check dumpster drain plug is properly installed
  • Neighborhood: Ensure any adjacent dumpster areas that may be conducive to rodents aren’t causing a problem
  • Doors: Ensure all entry doors are sealed with NO gaps greater than ¼ inch. Check for missing bricks, gaps under sills, and other openings.
  • Exterior Inspection: Inspect any exterior equipment for condition and proper service
  • Interior Inspection: Proper Identification using actual pest, droppings, chewing or rub marks, and sightings by residents or staff
  • Sanitation: Implement Proper trash storage, Inspect floor drains

If floor drains are dry this is a potential pest entry point Structural Plumbing and electrical voids, Gaps in floors and under doors Inspection to adjoining businesses is highly recommended Inspection to ALL interior rodent/insect devices to be sure of proper placement and proper service

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South Shore IPM uses integrated pest management (IPM) methods when servicing businesses in Massachusetts. IPM solutions are effective and environmentally-friendly. South Shore IPM utilizes information available about pests, green pest control techniques and preventative measures to keep damage done by pests at business locations to a minimum. Our technicians understand that every business presents a unique set of circumstances that will require special attention.

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