Hornets Found in New England

Bald-faced Hornets are commonly found in North America across the continental United States, as well as in Canada. This hornet is actually another type of Yellow Jacket that has a painful sting. Workers will aggressively defend their nest and sting anyone who they feel is a threat repeatedly.

Caring for Bald-faced Hornet Stings

Bald-faced hornets have a tendency to be aggressive and will attack if they feel threatened. In the event that you are stung, first make sure to remove the stinger if it is still stuck in the affected area. Make sure not squeeze the stinger, as it can inject more venom. Next it is important to ice the area to reduce swelling as much as possible.

Hornet stings can be painful so they should be avoided at all costs. Stings also get itchy over time for some people.

Eliminate a Bald-faced Hornet Infestation

A Hornet Colony can contain anywhere from 400 to 700 workers. Bald-faced Hornets are known to be territorial so a colony on your property should be removed as quickly as possible. The nests are made of scraps of wood that the hornets collect and their own saliva and appear to be made out of a paper-like material. Nests can regularly be found in shrubbery and hanging from trees. Sometimes hornets even find ways to attach their nests to the side of a building making it particularly hard to get to.

A Hornet’s nest that is located close to an area where humans are regularly passing through can pose a significant threat. If provoked a swarm of hornets will be ready to attack anyone in the vicinity in an effort to protect their nest. Call South Shore IPM for a pest control service that has experience removing Hornet’s Nests from properties around the South Shore.

Identifying Bald-faced Hornets on Your Property

remove hornet nest maBald-faced Hornets are commonly described as the white-faced hornet due to the white marking across their faces. The queen is the largest hornet in the nest. Looking for the hanging paper nest is often the easiest way to find out you have a Hornet infestation on your property but the insects won’t hesitate to let you know they’re around if you don’t know already.

Eliminating Bald-faced Hornets from Your Home

Hornets normally first appear in the spring after thefertilized queens become active and begin to lay their eggs. The queen collects rotting wood to combine with her saliva to create a paper-like material used to build the nest. If you are able to identify a Hornet’s Nest early on in it’s lifecycle the removal process will be relatively simple due to the fact that no fully grown hornets will be around to sting you. A mature nest, however, presents a significant safety risk that should be handled by Pest Control Professionals.

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