Facts about the American House Spider

House Spiders come in a wide array of colors. They are hunters of various pests and often function as natural pest control. Once in a while, due to environmental conditions these spiders can infest homes by the tens of thousands. They are found in houses, backyard structures and even furniture. The American House Spider makes its habitat all around the world and in various climates.

House Spider Bites

The American House Spider bite causes some redness and swelling in most people but on occasion it can cause a allergic reaction to the venom. To reduce symptoms use a cold compress. If more symptoms occur immediately seek medical attention.

American House Spider Breeding and Infestation

American house spiders are very prolific breeders who mate year round. There egg sacs contain hundreds of eggs and are 10 millimeters or less in diameter. They infest environments that are both dark and moist. They dominate most basements and can be found by searching with a flashlight for their dusty webs of death.

How to ID American House Spiders

ma spider exterminationAmerican House Spider Females are larger then the males. Rarely growing larger than a half inch, these spiders come in a range of colors from white to greyish brown and have ringed legs. Males have orange legs and females have yellow one.

Is the venom of American House Spiders poisonous?

The American House Spider is venomous but they rarely inject it into human skin. A bite with venom injected creates a red bump.

Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

IPM professionals are trained in state of the art techniques of spider control. We analyze the various microenvironments in your home and develop a plan to maintain dry and pest-free homes and places of business.

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