New England Mice Facts

Although the house mouse isn’t native to the US they have found their way all across North America. Mice have become incredibly adept at taking advantage of food intended for humans. The pests can stay hidden quite well and continually feed on items left around your house. Mice will eat food found in the trash or in your cupboard and reproduce year-round.

Mice love to eat food found around many homes like seeds, bread, rice and cereal. They have great vision and hearing so they’re able to hide when they hear someone coming. Mice can be anywhere between 1 – 3 inches long and are able to fit in very tiny holes and cracks. Keeping your home clean and getting seasonal pest inspections is the best way to ensure a mice infestation doesn’t become a problem.

Mice Can Damage your Home

Mice have been known to completely ruin items they come across as they search for a place to nest. It is not uncommon for South Shore IPM to remove mice infestations that have left rooms completely trashed. Mice are almost always gnawing at something which can damage almost any part of your home.

Mice can gnaw holes in woodwork, siding, sheetrock, insulation, packaging, furniture, and sometimes even copper pipes. As an infestation grows it has the potential to permanently damage the structure of your home. Nests have been found everywhere in New England homes, sometimes in locations that block vents or wiring creating the potential to start a fire.

The spread of virus and disease is also far more likely if you have a mice infestation present in your home. The pests have a long history of carrying viruses. Any food that they touch can become contaminated and pose a risk to your health.

How to Locate a Mouse Infestation

mice removal service

Mice are able to fit through almost any hole or crack so if you live in a place that is warm there’s a good chance that you have mice nearby. Mice have been found living almost everywhere from cabins, garages, attics, sheds, office buildings, and warehouses as well as houses and apartments. Mice can be the culprit if you hear squeaking, scampering, or gnawing between walls, ceilings, or floorboards. House mice nests are usually made of paper and shredded materials.

A pest control professional at South Shore IPM can help you locate and remove a mouse infestation from your home as quickly and safely as possible.

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