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South Shore IPM will always provide you with exceptional customer service and the correct solution to your pest problem. South Shore IPM also offers organic pest control solutions for your home or office.

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South Shore IPM understands how difficult it can be to find a pest infestation on your property. Our expert technicians can locate and remove a South Shore pest problem fast.

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Keeping your business location pest-free is essential to staying profitable. South Shore IPM offers pest management packages designed to help keep pests away from your business.

Seasonal Pest Inspections

All types of pests are on the move when the season’s change on the South Shore. Schedule a Seasonal Inspection now to avoid finding a costly infestation later.

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This Season’s Pests


Facts about Skunks in New England Skunks thrive in urban and suburban environments across North America. They are nocturnal omnivores and their diet mostly consists of fish, nuts, mice, insects, snakes and fruit. They are also known as scavengers and will eat whatever...


Massachusetts Opossum Removal Opossums are considered pests because they have been known to search for food and live in attics, crawlspaces, garages, barns and under houses. Opossums are rodents and to many will seem like gigantic rats. The best way to get rid of an...


About Raccoons in Massachusetts The raccoon family of nocturnal mammals is composed of three species. Scientifically called procyon lotor, the raccoon can grow to be over 20 pounds and live up to 5 years. They are highly adaptable and commonly seen in both urban and...


South Shore Squirrel Removal Do you have squirrels running around in your walls and ceilings? Having squirrels living on your property can be disconcerting. Squirrels are a surprisingly diverse family of rodents that is well adapted to a range of environments. South...


South Shore Termite Control Termites are small tan or brown colored insects that live under the soil. Termites feed on wood which can cause structural damage to a home or business. They are rarely seen because they live underground and will tunnel to find feeding...


New England Mice Facts Although the house mouse isn’t native to the US they have found their way all across North America. Mice have become incredibly adept at taking advantage of food intended for humans. The pests can stay hidden quite well and continually feed on...

Bed Bugs

Boston Bed Bug Facts Bed Bugs have become a bigger and bigger problem in recent years. These insects are known to only come out at night when they feed on blood. Their bites leave a red mark that can be incredibly itchy the next day. Recently Bed Bugs have become a...


Facts about the American House Spider House Spiders come in a wide array of colors. They are hunters of various pests and often function as natural pest control. Once in a while, due to environmental conditions these spiders can infest homes by the tens of thousands....


Facts about Cockroaches in Massachusetts German Cockroaches are highly efficient scavengers that thrive in tropical regions, hot summers in temperate zones, and unfortunately within human occupied buildings. With a professionally managed pest control plan from IPM, we...

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Keeping up with your property’s pest control needs on a regular basis is the best way to ensure it stays pest free. South Shore IPM has developed a seasonal service package that follows a timeline designed to keep pests out before becoming a problem. With our full season package a trained technicians will visit your home or business at times of the year when pests are known to be most active.

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