Boston Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs have become a bigger and bigger problem in recent years. These insects are known to only come out at night when they feed on blood. Their bites leave a red mark that can be incredibly itchy the next day. Recently Bed Bugs have become a particularly big problem in big cities and college towns where residents are moving frequently and the bugs are either left in an apartment for unsuspecting new tenants or brought somewhere new.

Get Rid of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs feed at night while staying hidden during daytime hours. They prefer dark, protected areas and often seek shelter around the seams of furniture and mattresses. Bed Bug infestations can be very difficult to locate even as they grow bigger so an experienced bed bug extermination team is often the best way to get rid of the problem. A bed bug can live up to a year and a half while regularly feeding on its host which is normally a person. Infestations can move from apartment to apartment very easily and completely eliminating Bed Bugs from your property can be challenging.

Identifying a Bed Bug Problem

identify bed bug problemBed Bugs are flat, oval-shaped insects that look similar to an apple seed. The color of their bodies go from brown to reddish-brown. Their sleek shape allows them to easily hide almost anywhere to avoid detection. Bed bug nymphs look like miniature versions of adults and begin translucent and grow more brown as they age.

Finding Bed Bugs in Your Home

Waking up with itchy red marks and finding Bed Bug excrement around your home are both signs of a Bed Bug infestation. You may also notice eggshells and shed skins near your headboard, along the piping of the mattress and other small crevices where these pests like to hide.

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