Facts about Cockroaches in Massachusetts

German Cockroaches are highly efficient scavengers that thrive in tropical regions, hot summers in temperate zones, and unfortunately within human occupied buildings. With a professionally managed pest control plan from IPM, we can help you win the battle against infestation through pest management and cockroach prevention.

They have transparent wings that make it easy for an infestation to shift from one home to another. They prefer dark areas low to the ground and often go unseen. Most do not realize they have a german cockroach infestation until it is a full-blown problem. They thrive in clutter, but even an organized home has plenty of feeding opportunities for these hardy creatures.

It is a rare but observable phenomenon in which German cockroaches have bitten people. It is recorded that they will eat human flesh but according to Orkin.com, “they are more likely to take a bite of fingernails, eyelashes, feet, and hands.” These bites can also cause several nasty infections.

Signs of a Roach Infestation

roach exterminatorA sighting of one german cockroach is not good news because they tend to colonize structures in large groups numbering in the tens of thousands. They are nocturnal and kitchens are usually a hotspot of infestation. They will eat food, books, paper, glue, even furniture. This is why when bringing used goods into your home it is important to avoid upholstered items or furniture that is heavy and hard to inspect. The German cockroach is highly adaptable and even removing food after an infestation has begun will not help as they will locate yet another food source.

German cockroaches thrive in the same tropical conditions of warm human air that we enjoy inside our homes. This means in the temperate zones that make up New England, we are unfortunately only witnessing cockroaches within human habitats. The number one cause of infestation is through old furniture or boxes that have been set on a sidewalks.

These creatures are luckily smaller in size in New England then they are in the subtropical regions of the US. They range from dark to light brown with black stripes on their head.

To determine if german cockroaches are a problem look for small black seed-like pieces in corners and behind drawers in large quantities. Use the droppings location to determine sites of infestation.

How Do You Prevent a Cockroach Infestation?

Do not bring things into your home off the curb. It is very hard to prevent an infestation and your neighbors are not going to announce their struggles with the pest to everyone. Be wary of what is on the sidewalks or sold online. Call IPM today to work out a management plan to you and win the battle of the bugs. The best way to cure an infestation is prevention. Let us help you develop a system the makes your home a bad place to be a bug. Wouldn’t it be best to never see a cockroach?

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