About Raccoons in Massachusetts

The raccoon family of nocturnal mammals is composed of three species. Scientifically called procyon lotor, the raccoon can grow to be over 20 pounds and live up to 5 years. They are highly adaptable and commonly seen in both urban and rural environments. They can cause serious damage to crops and structures even though not every animal becomes a pest. Having raccoons attracted to your property is preventable in most cases. They are grey with dark eyes, a light muzzle and black nose. They have long paws that they use to fish food out of tight areas. They are great swimmers and known by their love of wetlands as a foodsource.

Dietary habits of the Raccoon

The list of what Raccoons do not eat is far shorter than the list of what they do. They prefer to eat fruits, seeds, bird eggs, amphibians, and fish but will scavenge for easier meals in urban environments such as garbage or pet food. They are mostly nocturnal but when feeding young they tend to forage during daylight as well.

Common Issues with Raccoons

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Raccoons can cause serious damage to structures and losses to gardens and farms. They are extremely destructive when searching for a nesting area or new food source. Raccoons have been known to peel back siding and dig through inches of wood to invade homes in the South Shore. They often exploit rooftop entrances to homes. They are carriers of rabies and it is not always obvious which animals are sick until it is too late. In the early 90s massive epidemics of Rabies caused a huge loss in Raccoon population and attacks were all over the news. Since then populations have stabilized and though not as populous as before, the raccoon has rebounded into urban and suburban areas.

Prevent Raccoon Problems

The pest control professionals at South Shore IPM are known for their dedication to detail and broad knowledge of the habits and environmental needs of each pest. When it comes to raccoons, our team will seal and relocate any trapped animal to a less populated zone.

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