Earwigs in Massachusetts

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Earwigs are brown or black, elongated insects. A pair of large forceps are at the end of the abdomen. The forceps of male earwigs are curved and the females’ are straight. Some earwigs have wings and will only fly when disturbed. Earwig eggs are found in clusters and are smooth and white colored before hatching.

Earwigs’ diets are regularly changing with the environment around them. They mostly prey on other insects but can become a nuisance if they find a way into your home to feed on grains and decaying matter found in garbage.

Earwigs are nocturnal and will hide from light. The most likely way to find out that you have an earwig infestation on your property is receiving a painful bite. Their nests can be hard to locate due to their nighttime activity. Adult earwigs are not able to overwinter in New England. Eggs that are laid in the fall are normally able to make it through the winter and hatch as soon as the weather begins to warm up. South Shore IPM’s technicians understand common earwig habits that can help prevent earwigs from becoming a problem on your property.

Can Earwigs Damage My Home?

In many cases earwigs are beneficial pests because they feed on other smaller pests. The presence of earwigs, however, can be considered a nuisance and is why many property owners elect to have them removed. They have been known to crawl into anything sitting on the ground where they will later come into contact with people. When threatened an earwig pinches the offended with their large forceps.

South Shore Earwig Control

Protecting your home from earwigs is something that can normally be accomplished with regular pest management efforts. They are rarely an issue on properties that have already been treated for other pests. South Shore IPM offers seasonal pest inspections for homes and businesses in the South Shore area. Our seasonal maintenance that adheres to integrated pest management standards is the best way to ensure your property is pest-free.

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