Massachusetts Sow Bug Removal

Sowbugs are land crustaceans that have overlapping plates that cover their back. The bugs have an oval shape and are normally a dark gray color. They grow to be about a half of an inch long with antennae that will stretch half the length of its body.

Prevent a Sowbug Infestation

ma sowbug removal

Sowbugs have gills so they will need to live in a moist environment to survive. They have been known to find places to live in dark areas under outdoor stairs and in basements. They generally only come out at night to feed on decaying leaf and vegetable matter so a Sow Bug infestation can be tough to locate.

Finding Sowbugs indoors means there are high moisture conditions present. Reducing the moisture conditions indoors will help make your home less appealing to Sowbugs. Finding them indoors, however, normally indicates that there is a much larger population of them somewhere nearby. South Shore IPM’s professional exterminators understand what to look for and where the most likely places to find Sow Bugs living are.

Sowbugs’ habitat and food requirements allow for a wide variety of areas to be possible locations to inhabit. They are most commonly found in gardens and other outdoor areas where they can regularly feed on leaves. Eliminating good places for them to hide in is often the best way to discourage them from finding a home in your garden. Additional extermination techniques can be effective in the case of bigger infestations.

Professional Sowbug Inspection

A Sowbug inspection from South Shore IPM will cover your entire property and focus on eliminating habitats Sowbugs would find appealing. We will inspect the exterior of your home and address any places where Sowbugs could find shelter in your home. Making sure all holes and cracks are sealed will go a long way to making sure Sowbugs and other types of pests don’t find a way in.

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